Scotland’s second National Human Rights Action Plan

SNAP 2 – Scotland’s second national human rights action plan – was published on 30 March 2023. It is a strategic plan of 54 recommended, practical actions to be delivered by Scottish public bodies, civil society organisations, and rights holders, working together. The actions respond to human rights issues highlighted in robust research and extensive public engagement, carried out over a multi-year development process.

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SNAP 2 At A Glance

• A Scotland where everyone can live with human dignity.

• Carry out coordinated human rights activity by public bodies, civil society and rights holders.
• Promote greater awareness of human rights.
• Advance the realisation of human rights.

• Participation and Collaboration.
• Accountability.
• Non-discrimination, Equality and Intersectionality.
• Empowerment.
• Legality.

• Achieve a decent standard of living.
• Improve health, wellbeing and the environment.
• Enhance education and work.
• Protect private and family life.
• Ensure justice.
• Learn from COVID-19.
• Realise a human rights culture.
• Plan and support incorporation.


• 7 medium term outcomes by 2026 and tailored outcomes for each action.
• 7 long term outcomes by 2030.
SNAP 2 At A Glance

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