Monitoring and evaluating SNAP 2


The nine Governance Principles will guide the monitoring and delivery of SNAP 2.

With the support of the independent SNAP Secretariat, the SNAP Leadership Panel will oversee and monitor SNAP 2.

SNAP 2 Monitoring Framework

The SNAP Leadership Panel propose that the Secretariat develop a monitoring and evaluation framework for SNAP 2 in order to track action delivery and impact. This should use the medium and long term outcomes, as well as tailored medium term outcomes and indicators of success that will be developed in collaboration with delivery stakeholders.

National Performance Framework

In the Scottish public policy context, the Scottish Government’s commitment to human rights is reflected in the National Performance Framework (NPF). This includes aNational Outcome to respect, protect and fulfil human rights and live free from discrimination.

SNAP provides a practical framework for delivering progress towards the NPF National Outcomes and the relationship between the two has been mapped in detail as part of the SNAP 2 development work. 

Sustainable Development Goals

The relationship between human rights and sustainable development is generally becoming more widely recognised, and is made explicit through SNAP. The long term outcomes map directly across to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), making clear the mutually supportive and reinforcing nature of both frameworks.

The SDGs will be integrated into the SNAP 2 monitoring and evaluation framework, enabling progress to be demonstrated towards both the SDGs and SNAP outcomes.

Independent Evaluation

Like SNAP 1, SNAP 2 should be independently evaluated to assess its process and outcomes. This should be collaborative and participatory. One of the Actions is: “Design and deliver an independent rights-based evaluation of SNAP 2 that takes a learning and reflective approach across SNAP Actions and governance from the outset and focuses on the impact on people’s lives and rights holder participation. Publish evaluation findings and recommendations to support widespread learning and help shape future human rights law and policy developments across Scotland, the UK, and beyond.”

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