What is SNAP?

SNAP is Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights. Its vision is a Scotland where all can live with human dignity.

Scotland is on a human rights journey, and SNAP is our roadmap.

SNAP was – and remains – the first national human rights action plan in any part of the UK. It is based on experience from other European and Commonwealth countries, as well as guidance from the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

Work is currently underway to develop Scotland’s next National Action Plan – SNAP 2.

SNAP 2 will be a strategic plan of practical actions. It will be delivered in a collaborative, coordinated way by rights holders, civil society and the public sector. This will help Scotland fulfil its international human rights obligations. 

Scotland’s first SNAP (SNAP 1) was first launched on 10 December 2013, marking International Human Rights Day. Over the course of four years, more than 40 individuals and organisations worked together to achieve 50 actions.

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