SNAP 1 accountability

A range of mechanisms were put in place to make the delivery of Scotland’s first SNAP accountable and transparent.

In 2017, the Scottish Human Rights Commission commissioned an independent process and impact evaluation of SNAP 1. This was published in July 2019. Read the SNAP 1 full evaluation report.

Monitoring Progress Group

After SNAP 1 was launched, a Monitoring Progress Group was established to develop a monitoring framework. The group brought together relevant research and evaluation expertise from: the Scottish Government National Performance Framework; the Local Improvement service; Audit Scotland; the former Head of Evaluation at NHS Health Scotland; the Scottish Human Rights Commission; the Equality and Human Rights Commission; and independent academics from the Universities of Edinburgh and Strathclyde.

Monitoring Framework

Seven long-term outcomes for SNAP were agreed. These describe the changes that everyone involved in SNAP 1 was working to achieve by 2030.

  1. Each of us is empowered to understand and embrace the value of human rights, asserting them in all parts of our lives.
  2. Each of us can participate in shaping and directing decisions that affect our human rights.
  3. Organisations providing public services contribute to a human rights culture by valuing and putting human rights at the heart of what they do.
  4. Scotland increasingly implements its international human rights obligations, influences and learns from international experience and promotes human rights in all of its international engagements.
  5. All organisations are held to account for the realisation of people’s rights through international and domestic laws, regulation and monitoring.
  6. Each of us has access to and can enjoy quality public services, which respect our dignity, irrespective of who we are or where we live.
  7. Each of us experiences improved opportunities and life outcomes whilst Scotland experiences an overall reduction in inequality of opportunity and outcomes.

The Monitoring Framework for SNAP 1 combined Scotland’s outcomes approach to performance across all its public bodies with a human rights based approach to monitoring and measurement. This included using the three types of human rights indicators developed by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: Structure, Process & Outcome.

Linking SNAP 1’s actions to domestic and international policy goals has also been an important focus for the Monitoring Group. This has involved developing a broader monitoring framework that connects SNAP’s outcomes with both Scotland’s National Performance Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals.  This wider framework sets out how we will all know if Scotland is making progress on human rights, drawing on indicators of change and sets of data that are being used by others.

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