Human Rights and Social Security

In October 2016, the SNAP 1 Adequate Standard of Living Reference Group submitted a response to the Scottish Government’s Consultation on A New Future for Social Security. Read the full response.

The key points made by the group include:

  • People have a right to social security under human right law. But human rights are missing from the proposals in the Government’s consultation paper.
  • The right to social security and the right to an adequate standard of living depend on each other.
  • The Scottish Government has said it wants to make economic, social and cultural rights real – this is a golden opportunity to do that.
  • Proposals to design a new system alongside people with lived experience of poverty are welcome. This must follow the principles of a human rights based approach.
  • Any new social security system must be person-centred and accessible.
  • Assessment processes need to respect human rights. They should not disempower or traumatize people.
  • The way we speak about people who need social security is important. Language is a powerful way to challenge misconceptions.

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