Scottish Human Rights

Innovation Forums on “How to Embed a Human Rights Culture” will be held in 2014. The Forums will bring together a wide range of representatives of public, private and voluntary bodies, together with funding bodies, to share the best of experience in embedding a human rights culture from across Scotland and the world. They will aim to inspire and to encourage others to test out innovative methods of putting human rights into practice. Amongst other elements which the Forums will explore are:


  • How to involve people in decisions which affect their lives, sharing experience on models of co-production and related approaches such as community empowerment and the “assets based approach” to health.
  • How to integrate human rights into advocacy, communications and campaigns. For example, considering how voluntary organisations can link human rights to human stories and can integrate human rights across their operations through tools such as the “Performance Framework on Equality and Human Rights” and “Equally Ours”.