Better Lives – Justice and Safety

What SNAP aims to achieve…

Enhancing respect, protection and fulfilment of human rights to achieve justice and safety for all by:

  • •Improving access to justice, particularly for children, survivors of violence and abuse, people on low incomes and disabled people
  • •Addressing concerns about the asylum process and capitalising on opportunities in the new Refugee Integration Strategy
  • •Improving human rights protection within the criminal justice system particularly for children and when investigating and prosecuting sexual offences
  • •Improving detention conditions particularly when it comes to women offenders and people with mental health conditions
  • •Tackling the growing problem of hate crime, including improving reporting, recording and education to address underlying discriminatory attitudes
  • •Embedding human rights in policing including through training and accountability e.g. stop and search
  • •Improving understanding of victims’ rights including the right to an effective remedy and ensuring justice for victims of historic child abuse
  • •Improving the protection of children from violence
  • •Improving Scotland’s appraoch to addressing Violence Against Women through a new strategy and action plan

Action Group

The Justice and Safety Action Group is made up of 15 member organisations who all discuss and contribute to the development of SNAP in this action area. The members are as follows:


The group will build on work already done to create a human rights strategy towards tackling violence against women and reviewing Police Scotland’s human rights commitments. The group will also continue its approach of holding thematic meetings to explore specific priorities, including stop and search procedures, human trafficking, an Action Plan on Justice for Victims of Historic Child Abuse, hate crime, criminal justice reform, and access to justice.