Evaluation and participation process 2017

An independent process and impact evaluation of SNAP

As SNAP (2013-2017) enters its final year SHRC has commissioned an independent evaluation of SNAP.  This evaluation will draw on the ongoing process of monitoring annual reviews and reporting, evaluating both the process and the impact of SNAP.

The purpose of the evaluation will be to undertake a process and impact evaluation of SNAP in order to:

  • produce recommendations for how to improve the process of action planning (lessons for others, as well as for Scotland moving forward);
  • identify where SNAP (processes and action) can be shown to have had both direct and/or indirect impact;
  • identify unintended consequences of SNAP (positive and negative) and their implications for future planning;
  • highlight what further work on human rights protection and promotion remains necessary in Scotland, particularly for a successor plan to SNAP.


SNAP Participation Process

In order to meet the longer term strategic objectives of SNAP and determine any future direction of SNAP going forward beyond 2017 the Commission is engaged with two proposals this year.  The first, as described above, is an impact and process evaluation of SNAP and the second, as described below, is a broad participation process.

SNAP has engaged groups and organisations across Scotland in many different ways to achieve a range of outcomes. One of the main aims of this final year is to ensure the participation of rights holders in the development of work going forward and to ensure that the experience of rights holders and a wider group of stakeholders drives the setting of priorities for future activity.

The Commission has invited expressions of interest in developing and delivering a nationwide participatory process (engaging with SNAP stakeholders, rights-holders and duty-bearers) culminating in an event on or near December 10th 2017.

The central objectives of this process are to:

  • Build knowledge and understanding of human rights amongst rights holders through a participatory capacity-building process centred around the UN treaty body concluding observations and recommendations and UPR recommendations relevant to Scotland,
  • Engage a range of stakeholders including people with lived-experience of poor human rights delivery in setting an agenda for future action
  • Design and help deliver a one-day event in December 2017 that brings together the evidence gathered and engages people in a participatory priority setting process to support future planning.
  • Deliver a report that details the whole process and dialogue and outlines recommendations for future activity.

10th December is International Human Rights Day and the Commission, alongside SNAP partners, has organised many events in the past to highlight this.  In 2017 SNAP partners are planning to hold a one-day event marking the end point of the first phase of SNAP.  We anticipate that, subject to available resources, this is a relatively large scale event which will bring together initial findings from the evaluation of SNAP and the results of the participation process undertaken here.  The intention is for that event to further interrogate what has come out of these processes and determine priorities for action going forward.